We Drive SRT’s Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo Concept, Detail Its Insanity  Jun 2nd, 2015 
There are Gran Turismo 6 Vision concepts—such as those digital creations of Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Infiniti, Volkswagen, and others—and then there is SRT’s Vision Gran Turismo concept, dubbed the Tomahawk. Actually, make that SRT’s three Vision Gran Turismo concepts; each one represents a harder-core version of the base Tomahawk S. And all three are coming to a […] 
We Drive SRT’s Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo Concept, Detail Its Insanity  Jun 2nd, 2015 
Hitting the Brakes? Delays Hit Wrangler, Ram, and More Fiat-Chrysler Models  Jun 2nd, 2015 
One year after outlining a five-year, $50 billion expansion plan, Fiat-Chrysler is reportedly delaying about a dozen model launches across several brands, according to suppliers leaking info to Reuters. Some of the PowerPoint slides detailing specific refreshes and introductions during the company’s investor conference last May are no longer valid, if Reuters‘ sources are to […] 
Rev-Happy Mustang GT350’s Official Horsepower and Torque Numbers Announced  Jun 2nd, 2015 
We’ve been waiting, and now we know: After initially saying the new Mustang Shelby GT350 would make “more than 520 horsepower,” Ford has finally revealed the official figure. The GT350’s 5.2-liter flat-plane-crankshaft V-8 makes 526 horsepower, along with 429 lb-ft of torque. Ford says those figures mark the GT350’s V-8 as the most powerful naturally […] 
F&I’s New Mantra  Jun 2nd, 2015 
The magazine’s resident F&I trainer says F&I pros need to exchange the mantra of ‘always be closing’ for ‘always be connecting.’ 
Ally Premier Protection Now Available Nationwide  Jun 2nd, 2015 
The company rolled out its new Ally Premiere Protection after completing a three-month pilot. Test dealers gave Ally high marks for training and product transition. 
GWC Hosts Elite Dealer Council  Jun 2nd, 2015 
GWC Warranty hosted its first-ever Elite Dealer Council last month. The council is comprised of some of the company’s top independent dealers. 
Watch Your Speed  Jun 2nd, 2015 
After buying a new car, the editor pumps the brakes on calls for a speedier transaction. 
Reminder: The 2015 Mustang Shelby GT350 Sounds Wicked  Jun 2nd, 2015 
We’ve heard a few notes from the 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350‘s quad tailpipes before—most notably, in a Ford-produced video of the track-attacking Mustang in testing at Virginia International Raceway. But who could say no to more? Ford just released a new video highlighting the combustion-chamber music from this mighty Mustang, to remind those of us […] 
AutoAp Launches Recall Management Service  Jun 2nd, 2015 
AutoAp’s new service, Dealer Recall Management, provides dealers with daily recall updates for new and used vehicle inventory. 
FTC Approves Final Consent Orders in Two Deceptive Ad Cases  Jun 2nd, 2015 
The Federal Trade Commission has approved final consent orders which prohibit Jim Burke Nissan of Birmingham, Ala., and Ross Nissan of El Monte, Calif., from deceptively advertising the sale, financing and leasing of their vehicles. 
Opel Unveils New Astra Compact—Here’s What It Means for Buick  Jun 1st, 2015 
Is This eBay Ferrari Testarossa Super Rad or Just Ugly?  Jun 1st, 2015 
These two eBay-listed Ferrari Testarossas are quite similar, except for that fact that one is red and other is the color of the vinyl seats in your grandma’s 1977 Ford LTD. According to the seller of both cars—one foxyroxygirl1—the example wearing the more adventurous hue is a 1988.5 model, only has 4200 miles, and arrived to them essentially […] 
2016 Mercedes-Benz SL550 Mille Miglia 417 – First Drive Review  Jun 1st, 2015 
Is This eBay Ferrari Testarossa Super Rad or Just Ugly?  Jun 1st, 2015 
Driven: 2016 Mercedes-Benz SL550 Mille Miglia 417 Special Edition  Jun 1st, 2015 
The Mercedes-Benz SL will be restyled soon, but before an extensive facelift fixes its aesthetic issues, the company is launching this Mille Miglia 417 special edition, which pays homage to a legend. It is a modern-day interpretation of the 300SL that was driven at the 1955 Mille Miglia by the American John Fitch and his […] 
2015 BMW 435i xDrive Tested: In BMW-Speak, It’s the Two-Door, Six-Cylinder, AWD (Actual) Coupe  Jun 1st, 2015 
It would be too easy to kick off this evaluation of the all-wheel-drive BMW 435i xDrive coupe with a snarky quip about how the 3- and 4-series lineups have ballooned to comically crowded levels, but then you already knew that. There are sedans, sedans that pretend to be coupes, wagons, hatchbacks that look like SUVs, […] 
Opel Unveils New Astra Compact—Here’s What It Means for Buick  Jun 1st, 2015 
This is the new Opel Astra, set for an in-the-metal debut at the Frankfurt auto show this September. It replaces the current five-door hatchback, which is sold in Europe under the Opel and Vauxhall brands and in China as the Buick Excelle XT. The outgoing model still serves as the basis for the three-door Astra GTC, the U.S.-bound Cascada […] 
2015 BMW 435i xDrive Tested – Instrumented Test  Jun 1st, 2015 
The Continental: The Internal Combustion Still Has Legs, Plus Impressions from CES Asia  Jun 1st, 2015 
Each week, our German correspondent slices and dices the latest rumblings, news, and quick-hit driving impressions from the other side of the pond. His byline may say Jens Meiners, but we simply call him . . . the Continental. Early in May, the crème de la crème of engine designers and R&D executives met at the […] 
Ground Control to Major Tig: 2016 VW Tiguan To Get Connectivity Upgrades  Jun 1st, 2015 
Volkswagen’s Tiguan compact crossover, which has been on sale for a long seven years, may be practically forgotten by the car-buying public, but not by its maker. VW is giving the small SUV a major technology update for the 2016 model year in the form of VW’s all-new MIB II modular infotainment system. Next-Gen VW Tiguan […] 
Subaru Mulling Six Names for 7-Passenger Crossover—We’ll Take the Man-Horse Option  Jun 1st, 2015 
Despite the deep and gnawing Yankee hunger for CUVs, Subaru’s Tribeca [above] never sold in great numbers, even while the rest of the company’s mainstream product line pushed the niche automaker past Volkswagen in American sales. With VW preparing a new, bigger Tiguan and a larger MQB-based crossover, Subie could undoubtedly use a fresh seven-passenger uticle to […] 
GM and Subaru Add 390,000 Cars and Trucks to Takata Airbag Recall  Jun 1st, 2015 
The extent of General Motors’ involvement with the Takata airbag recalls was once limited to just a few Toyota-built Pontiac Vibes and rebadged Subarus sold as Saabs, but the American automaker has now announced a related action involving 330,198 heavy-duty pickups. At the same time, Subaru has quadrupled its affected models, now estimated at more than 80,000 vehicles in […] 
2015 10Best Cars in Pictures: The Best Cars Available Today  Jun 1st, 2015 
There are roughly 150 new car models on the market today, many of them only narrowly distinguishable from each other. These 10 will entertain and delight any driver, but only if you know how and where to spot them.  
2016 Mazda Miata Tested! – Instrumented Test  Jun 1st, 2015 
2016 Mazda Miata Test: Lighter, Quicker, Better  Jun 1st, 2015 
When Mazda launched the first Miata, it made no secret of its intention to clone the Lotus Elan, minus the puddle of oil on the garage floor. The new car became a hit with buyers who remembered other roadsters—classic MGs, Austin-Healeys, Triumphs, and even the long-in-the-tooth Alfa Romeo Spider, which was somehow still in production […] 
Fire Up the PS3 in Anticipation of This SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo  May 29th, 2015 
SRT teased its wild-looking addition to the Vision Gran Turismo collection of sci-fi concept cars for Gran Turismo 6. SRT made sure to keep some family resemblance in this concept—the thin headlights mimic the LED accent lighting on the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, and that hood scoop has a very Viper-esque design. Of course, when you’re […] 
Nissan’s Le Mans Livery Is Inspired by a 1990 Record-Breaker  May 29th, 2015 
Nissan has big plans for its crazy unconventional Le Mans prototype—a hybrid, mostly front-wheel-drive endurance racer that’s about as out-of-the-box as it gets. But the Nissan team hasn’t lost sight of its past, revealing a livery for the No. 21 Le Mans racer that commemorates the 25th anniversary of one of the most astonishing pole-position […] 
No Stranger Ranger: The Wildest Ford Pickup on eBay Right Now  May 29th, 2015 
2015 Ford Focus SE 1.0L EcoBoost Sedan – Instrumented Test  May 29th, 2015 
No Stranger Ranger: The Wildest Ford Pickup on eBay Right Now  May 29th, 2015 
The Ford Ranger is one of the most mass-produced pickups ever, and so it may surprise many to know that there’s actually a version of the little truck that was made in very, very limited numbers: the Ford SkyRanger, and one of them is on eBay right now. These trucks started life as 4.0-liter, four-wheel-drive, […] 
2015 Ford Focus 1.0L EcoBoost Sedan Tested: Three’s (Not Enough) Company  May 29th, 2015 
We spend an awful lot of our energy analyzing and quantifying speed. Entire stories are centered around straight-line acceleration, the effects of different tires on 707-hp muscle cars at the drag strip (okay, one 707-hp muscle car), and even prodding rental cars to their top speeds—in reverse. We interrupt that programming to present a test […] 
2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid Driven: Making It Easier To Be Green  May 29th, 2015 
Although hybrids have been gathering dust in new-car showrooms of late, carmakers can’t afford to ignore them, for several reasons. For one, fuel prices respond to the law of what you could call gasoline-market gravity: What comes down must go up. Two, environmental and fuel-economy regulations are pushing automakers in that direction. And finally, most […] 
2015 Porsche Boxster GTS PDK Tested: Made to Order  May 29th, 2015 
Ordering a Porsche can be a time-consuming affair. There are options on top of options and enough abbreviations to stymie a B-school graduate. In the interest of keeping it simple, stupid, Porsche streamlines the ordering process with the Boxster GTS. GTS, of course, is also an abbreviation; it stands for Gran Turismo Sport. READ MORE […] 
Watch Nine Classic Jaguars on the Mille Miglia  May 29th, 2015 
  Driving the Mille Miglia is not quite the five-star Italian vacation it appears in Jaguar’s video below. The route is befuddling, the traffic dense, and on top of it all, you’re expected to weave your rare vintage sports car around even rarer vintage sports cars while dealing with a back ache, a sore bum, […] 
Second Pace: J-Pace to Join F-Pace As Jaguar’s Second SUV  May 29th, 2015 
After years of leaving the SUV business to the Land Rover/Range Rover side of the house, Jaguar announced a while back that it would field its own luxury 4×4, the F-Pace. Previewed by the C-X17 concept [pictured above], the F-Pace is due to arrive in the fall of 2016. Now comes a report from Georg […] 
2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid – First Drive Review  May 29th, 2015 
2015 Porsche Boxster GTS PDK – Instrumented Test  May 29th, 2015 
Takata Be Kidding Me: Chrysler and Ford Recall 2.1 Million More Cars For Defective Airbags  May 29th, 2015 
A week after Takata doubled its airbag recall, the 10 affected automakers have begun to identify the 17 million additional models that can shoot shrapnel at drivers and passengers in a crash. Of those already documented on our Takata page, Chrysler and Ford have added 2.1 million more cars, most of them later model years, […] 
U.S. Bank Monitoring F&I Product Pricing  May 29th, 2015 
U.S. Bank told dealers this week that it’s monitoring how they price F&I products. If its monitoring program finds ‘unexplained differences in pricing or excessive add-on product financing on a prohibited basis,’ dealers will be asked to provide an explanation. 
FCA Rolls Back Powertrain Warranty  May 29th, 2015 
FCA US has reduced its powertrain coverage for 2016 model-year gasoline-powered vehicles. General Motors also made a change to its powertrain warranty earlier this year. 
Members of Congress Call on CFPB to Eliminate Arbitration Agreements  May 29th, 2015 
More than 50 members of Congress have signed a letter urging the CFPB to issue new rules to eliminate the use of forced arbitration clauses in consumer financial service contracts. 
Black Book Releases Spanish Version of Mobile App  May 29th, 2015 
Black Book has launched a version of its mobile app for Spanish-speaking dealers, remarketers and other automotive professionals called Black Book Digital en Español. 
2015 Audi A3 TDI Test: Slick and Stingy  May 28th, 2015 
The first A3 TDI hit the streets for 2010 as Audi’s second diesel-powered offering for the U.S. market, the 2009 Q7 SUV being the first. Those models paved a wide road for ensuing diesel Audis: The four-ring brand currently offers Americans six diesel models, more than any other carmaker. Following a diesel blitz for the […] 
Car and Driver 60th Anniversary Reader Stories, Part II  May 28th, 2015 
As we’re sure you’re becoming aware, this July the celebration for our 60th anniversary kicks off in ernest. Big deal, we know, but this momentous occasion isn’t really about us—it’s about you. Our readers are the reason Car and Driver has thrived, and they’re the reason we do what we do. You’ve had a huge hand […] 
Truckin': Every Full-Size Pickup Truck Ranked from Worst to Best  May 28th, 2015 
The pickup truck segment is so tightly contested you can hear a squeak when competing models pass each other on the road. Check out our ranking of half-ton pickups from worst to first.  
Linda Vaughn Stood Here: A Rare Piece of Mopar History Is on eBay  May 28th, 2015 
Racing fans old enough to remember seeing the Vietnam War on TV will probably recognize this iconic 1970 Chrysler Hurst 300 convertible. For those of you who are a little greener, this car, which is for sale right now, was one of the most notable Mopars of the early ’70s. It spent several years at […] 
Big Hauling: Every Full-Size SUV Ranked from Worst to Best  May 28th, 2015 
Love 'em or hate 'em, full-size SUVs aren't going away anytime soon. Here, we separate the wheat from the chaff and rank them all. 
2015 Audi A3 TDI – Instrumented Test  May 28th, 2015 
BWAH, BWAH, BWAAAAH: 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS First Drive!  May 28th, 2015 
We just sat right-seat while rally legend Walter Röhrl drove the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS on the diabolical Bilster Berg racetrack in Northern Germany. The lean and lanky Röhrl, now in his late 60s, completes two deceptively fast laps with such nonchalance that he might as well be stirring sugar into a cup of […] 
Linda Vaughn Stood Here: A Rare Piece of Mopar History Goes to Auction  May 28th, 2015 
2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS – First Drive Review  May 28th, 2015 
Buick’s New 1SV Trim Level Lowers the Base Prices of the 2015 Verano, Regal, and LaCrosse  May 28th, 2015 
Ford Offers to License Its Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Patents to Other Automakers  May 28th, 2015 
Calling all Chinese brands, Fiat-Chrysler, and other automakers without a developed electric-vehicle strategy: Ford’s got you covered. Starting now, Dearborn will license more than 1650 of its patented and patent-pending EV technologies to other manufacturers. The goal, according to Ford, is to “accelerate the growth of electrified vehicle technology and deliver even better products to […] 
Watch Racing Legend Walter Röhrl Flog Porsche’s Wicked 911 GT3 RS  May 28th, 2015 
Walter Röhrl is a racing legend. The 68-year-old has turned more lightning-fast laps and wickedly quick rally stages combined than perhaps any single human on earth. Which means that driving a street car is simple work for the two-time WRC champ and Porsche test driver, even if that car is the new 911 GT3 RS, a […] 
Chrysler Reduces 2016 Powertrain Warranties by 40,000 Miles  May 28th, 2015 
Fiat Chrysler just announced that, beginning with the 2016 model year, its 5-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty will become a 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty in the U.S. market, Automotive News reports. The decision affects Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram vehicles with gasoline engines, while the automaker’s 3-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage stays unchanged. The decision follows a trend: Back […] 
Buick’s New 1SV Trim Level Lowers the Base Prices of the 2015 Verano, Regal, and LaCrosse  May 28th, 2015 
Wanna spur demand for your product? Lower its price! This age-old economic tactic has been quietly deployed by Buick to drive interest in the 2015 LaCrosse, Regal, and Verano sedans, which all get a new “1SV” entry-level trim that significantly reduces the cars’ base prices. First reported by and confirmed by Buick to Car and Driver, […] 
Apple Exec Says Cars Are “The Ultimate Mobile Device”  May 28th, 2015 
Tech news outlet Re/code is hosting The Code Conference this week, a gathering of important tech people talking about important tech things. GM CEO Mary Barra was there, touting Chevy’s biggest-in-the-industry-so-far commitment to both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Apple senior VP Jeff Williams was there, too—and while he didn’t outright say that the tech giant […] 
J.D. Power to Acquire NADA Used Car Guide  May 28th, 2015 
J.D. Power and the NADA have announced an agreement under which J.D. Power will acquire NADA’s Used Car Guide business. The deal is expected to close early in 2015’s third quarter. 
SecureClose Selects Kiss Concepts Group As Marketing Partner  May 28th, 2015 
Compliance technology provider SecureClose has announced a new strategic alliance with marketing agency KISS Concepts Group to represent its technology solutions to independent dealerships and finance companies throughout the United States. 
Rwandan Motor Taxi Industry Generates $1 Billion, Reports KT Press  May 28th, 2015 
Rwandan motor taxi drivers are among the most despised workers in the country, but a chilling investigation conducted by KT Press, indicates that the motor taxi business is worth Rwf726 billion ($1 billion) annually. 
Retro as Heck: Porsche Pilfers the Past For 2015 Le Mans Liveries  May 27th, 2015 
Like many young men, recently deposed Volkswagen Group supremo Ferdinand Piëch began his career at the family business. The difference between Piëch and other young men was that the family business happened to be Porsche. During his tenure in Zuffenhausen, he shepherded a program meant to finally bring the company an overall Le Mans victory […] 
2016 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV – First Drive Review  May 27th, 2015 
Chevy Brings Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to 14 Models for 2016  May 27th, 2015 
Not content to let Hyundai steal the limelight as the first car to market with Android Auto, Chevy just announced a big move in the world of smartphone-powered infotainment: The bow-tie brand will offer 14 different models compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in the 2016 model year. For 2016, Chevy vehicles equipped […] 
Video: A 1340-hp Koenigsegg One:1 Rips Around Suzuka Circuit  May 27th, 2015 
The Koenigsegg One:1 is astonishing. Named for its one-to-one power-to-weight ratio—1340 horsepower moving an identical number of kilograms, no baloney—you know this thing is going to be a jaw-dropper. Hell, it’s got carbon-fiber wheels that weigh a mere 13 pounds, and it’ll blast to 220 mph in the space of an airport runway on the […] 
Retro as Heck: Porsche Pilfers the Past For 2015 Le Mans Liveries  May 27th, 2015 
Rare Rally Master: Check Out this Ford Escort RS Cosworth on eBay  May 27th, 2015 
If you love rally racing, there’s a good chance that the Ford Escort RS Cosworth holds a special place in your heart. These things are very rare in North America (a small number of ’94s and ’95s were legally imported by Sun International), but there’s a 1992 model for sale in Ontario, Canada, right now. […] 
2016 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV Driven: Even Lambo Thinks It’s Crazy  May 27th, 2015 
“Crazy acceleration.” That’s what we were promised by, of all things, a PowerPoint slide during the presentation of the new 2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV as we geared up for some lap time at Spain’s Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. It’s not often we see “crazy,” with all it implies, during a press presentation, especially by a company […] 
Rare Rally Master: Check out this Ford Escort RS Cosworth on eBay  May 27th, 2015 
Chevrolet Camaro, a Celebration: Sixth-Gen Coverage, History, and More  May 27th, 2015 
U R’nt Serious?! Lamborghini Finally Officially Confirms Urus SUV  May 27th, 2015 
With the preponderance of super-expensive automobiles populating the automotive landscape, you’d think it’d be a no-brainer to shuffle a hot-looking, $300K-plus Italian super-SUV from oddly named concept car to production reality. Apparently not, however, with Lamborghini’s proposed SUV only now being officially confirmed for production after an initial confirmation soon after the Urus concept car debuted in […] 
U R’nt Serious?! Lamborghini Finally Officially Confirms Urus SUV  May 27th, 2015 
Ford Recalls 423,000 Cars for Potential Power-Steering Failure; 19,500 EcoBoost Mustangs Also Recalled  May 27th, 2015 
Ford is recalling more than 400,000 vehicles in North America after reports of intermittent electric power-steering failure. In a separate recall announced simultaneously, Ford is also bringing back 19,500 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoosts for elevated underbody temperatures that could potentially damage fuel and brake lines. The first recall addresses “a potential intermittent electrical connection in […] 
Watch Jay Leno Drive the Raddest Honda S600 Ever—It Has a Superbike Engine  May 27th, 2015 
The 1964 Honda S600 was an engineering tour de force, a teensy-weensy roadster with a high-revving, motorcycle-inspired engine and chain drive. It was completely alien on 1960s roads, especially when you consider the broad, big-inch bruisers that largely dominated U.S. highways at the time. And while traditionalists might see Matt Brown’s S600 as a bastardization of a […] 
ProMax Unlimited Wins Three Dealers’ Choice Awards  May 27th, 2015 
ProMax took home the Diamond award for both Desking and Direct Mail, and the Platinum award for Customer Relationship Management in the 2015 Dealers’ Choice Awards. 
UDS Takes Home Diamond and Gold in Dealers’ Choice Awards  May 27th, 2015 
United Development Systems, Inc. has been named the Diamond Award Winner for F&I Training and Gold Award Winner for Compliance Training in the 2015 Dealers’ Choice Awards. 
OM(ustang)G! 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Prices Leaked!  May 26th, 2015 
Ford’s epic-looking Mustang Shelby GT350 needs to go on sale, and it needs to do so now. Having fraternized with the high-performance Mustang in nearly every way—we still haven’t driven it—the only remaining question marks pertain to the car’s price. Option pricing for the limited run of 2015 model-year GT350s leaked out a few weeks […] 
Quick Cash: Camaro Z/28 Discount Will Be Gone In Days  May 26th, 2015 
Act fast, Camaro bros. There are nearly 600 Chevy Camaro Z/28 coupes parked across the country and less than a week to redeem a Memorial Day discount of up to $4000. For the roughly two dozen 2014 Z/28s that have yet to atomize their Pirellis, General Motors is offering to pay the $995 destination charge, […] 
Save These Dates: Audi A4, Q1, Q6, and Q8 Debut Dates Confirmed  May 26th, 2015 
At an annual shareholder meeting last week, Audi circled some fresh dates on the calendar for three upcoming crossovers: the compact Q1, the electric Q6, and the Q7-based Q8. All told, as part of its $18.5-billion R&D investment through 2019, Audi will add eight new models and trims by 2020 (including a Spyder version of the […] 
Ford Begins Testing Race Version of GT Supercar Ahead of Debut Next Month  May 26th, 2015 
As we reported two weeks ago, Ford is planning a Le Mans debut next month for the racing version of its new Ford GT supercar—this year’s iteration of the 24-hour race will be held June 13 and 14—and we now know that the competition car has been out testing. The news comes from Whispered rumors of the […] 
Rebuffed: Mary Barra Swiped Left on Sergio Marchionne’s Merger Proposal  May 26th, 2015 
Sergio Marchionne in March of this year proposed a merger of Fiat-Chrysler and General Motors, the New York Times reported in a recent profile of Marchionne. The mercurial FCA chief made his overture in an email he sent directly to GM CEO Mary Barra, but no meeting on the subject ever took place. “The email must […] 
Ford Begins Testing Race Version of GT Supercar Ahead of Debut Next Month  May 26th, 2015 
OM(ustang)G! 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Prices Leaked!  May 26th, 2015 
Spraycan Wars: BMW’s Art Car Program Turns 40  May 26th, 2015 
In 1975, American helicopters left Saigon. The Ramones released their first album. And BMW racer Hervé Poulain asked his pal Alexander Calder to throw a dab of paint on his Batmobile. The resultant 3.0 CSL—resplendent in red, yellow, and blue—didn’t finish the race, ultimately placing 44th. Few beyond hardcore racing fans remember the Mirage GR8 […] 
2015 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Manual – Instrumented Test  May 26th, 2015 
May the Flails Be With You: Volkswagen Bringing Gesture Control to Production in Golf  May 26th, 2015 
When Volkswagen showed us its prototype gesture-based control setup for issuing infotainment system commands and the like at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, we were impressed. The technology worked nearly flawlessly, even if the various hand motion commands made the user look like they were popping and locking. In fact, the interface was so slick, we […] 
Ford Offers London One-Way Car-Sharing with Guaranteed Parking  May 26th, 2015 
As any BBC Top Gear fan has learned, driving in London is an absolute pain. Between congestion, tolls, and impossible parking, the city has made it extremely tempting to ditch your car and find any other possible means of traveling to, from, and in the U.K. capital. Ford has a possible solution with GoDrive, a […] 
2015 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Manual Test: Why Settle for Hertz?  May 26th, 2015 
If you ever want to not feel special in a Ford Mustang convertible, drive one in Hollywood. That is where we tested this bangin’ yellow 2015 Mustang GT ragtop. Alas, that’s also where many other Americans are testing Mustang convertibles of their own. Or more accurately, of Hertz’s own. Indeed, as eye-searingly yellow as ours […] 
Das Typeface: Volkswagen Reveals, of All Things, a New Font  May 26th, 2015 
This is exactly what VW needed: The brand is launching not a new advertising strategy for the U.S. or a low-cost car for global markets, but a new font. And it won’t only be featured in the brand’s stationery and brochures, it will be found on every new VW’s dashboard, center stack, and infotainment system as […] 
Lookin’ for a Fight? The Complete History of Our Camaro-vs.-Mustang Comparison Tests  May 26th, 2015 
Will it ever end? We hope not. 
Ian Callum: Jaguar Purring Over F-Pace, Next XK “Not a Priority”  May 26th, 2015 
You meet people on the Mille Miglia, amid the entrants chowing down on seconds of fennel pesto pasta, the children in tiny little villages begging for burnouts, and pretty underwear models like David Gandy preening in million-dollar roadsters. Jaguar chief designer Ian Callum, part of Jaguar’s nine-car factory heritage team, is not an English underwear […] 
Riding Shotgun with Ken Block in the Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX [w/ Video]  May 26th, 2015 
Last month, Ken Block had a few rare days off between his return from London, where he’d been working on the next version of the video game Need for Speed, and a trip to New Zealand, where he was taking his rally team for the year’s first race. (Why New Zealand? Mostly because he loves that […] 
Tread Largely! Detroit’s Iconic Giant Uniroyal Tire Turns 50—Here’s Its History  May 26th, 2015 
Palm Springs, California, has the towering Cabazon Dinosaurs; Margate, New Jersey, is home to renowned pachyderm Lucy the Elephant; and Hayward, Wisconsin, lays claim to the world’s largest Muskie. Detroit, yeah, well, we got a big ’effin tire. Known officially and affectionately as the “Uniroyal Giant Tire,” the landmark, which is located alongside I-94 just outside […] 
Riding Shotgun with Ken Block in the Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX [w/ Video]  May 26th, 2015 
Spraycan Wars: BMW’s Art Car Program Turns 40  May 26th, 2015 
Android Auto Arrives for 2015 Hyundai Sonata  May 26th, 2015 
Hyundai has begun offering Android Auto on its 2015 Hyundai Sonata, making it the first automaker to implement the software platform that closely matches one running on smartphones. 
Larry H. Miller Dealerships Introduces Online Buying Experience  May 26th, 2015 
The dealer group will now allow customers to select and reserve vehicles online, accelerating the car-buying experience. The new service is initially launching in select stores, but will be available at every location by late summer. 
Confident Financial Solutions Appoints VP of National Sales  May 26th, 2015 
Confident Financial Solutions, a developer of financial solutions for automotive service centers and their customers, has announced that it has appointed Dan Beres as vice president of national sales. 
Disparate Impact Ruling Expected This Week  May 26th, 2015 
A case debating a legal theory used by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to go after auto finance sources for perceived discrimination in dealer markup is expected to be ruled on this week by the U.S Supreme Court. 
2015 Hyundai Sonata Is the First Car with Android Auto  May 26th, 2015 
We’re getting closer to a world where in-dash touch screens aren’t infuriating, slow, backwards pieces of e-trash: Hyundai says its 2015 Sonata will be the first car to hit the market with Android Auto, Google’s smartphone-powered software that brings Android’s quick, intuitive layout to your car’s navigation and infotainment system. Owners of model-year 2015 Sonatas […] 
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