How Can Golf Carts in Macon, GA Serve Your Facilities?  Aug 16th, 2016 

Golf carts in Macon, GA can be used for more than just a round of golf on a Saturday afternoon. Golf carts can be used to easily transport supplies and people from one side of a facility to another in a short amount of time. They can be used in a multitude of facilities, from retirement communities to resorts and condominium complexes. Every large organization that has outdoor property to maintain can benefit from having at least one golf cart. It’s hard to truly appreciate the benefits of owning one (or more) golf carts until you actually purchase one, but here are some of the perks of golf cart ownership.

Save time

If you own or work at a large complex you know how time consuming it can be to walk from point A to point B. By the time you get to your destination you’ve wasted not only your time but also the time of people waiting on your arrival. If you’re bringing equipment to your destination, you know how much of a pain it is to carry heavy tools around. However, if you’ve got a golf cart, you can just throw the tools in the back. Carts come in all different sizes, so there can be room for any kind of tool you may need.

On top of all that, if you’re walking around and it’s really warm outside, you’ll most likely be sweaty and gross when you reach your destination. That’s not a good look, and it’s especially bad if you’re around guests or customers.

Save money

You know what they say, time is money. You most likely pay your employees by the hour. So why do you want them wasting time walking around your facility instead of actually doing work? Time spent walking around is just money flying out of your pocket. Instead, picture your employees zipping back in forth from one building to another on golf carts, actually getting things done while they’re on the clock. While it may seem like an expensive purchase, in the long run you’ll save thousands of dollars in employee pay over the course of your cart’s lifetime.

Golf carts in Macon, GA are actually very energy efficient, as well. Electric models can run for a long time on a single battery charge, and don’t require too much electricity to charge up when they need it. Golf carts that run on gasoline get great miles per gallon, too. Some models can get 20 to 30 MPG.

Go anywhere

One of the greatest advantages of golf carts in Macon, GA is their versatility. Carts can obviously be used on pavement, but they’re also light enough to drive on the grass and not tear up the lawn. Imagine being able to seamlessly transition from driving on the road to going on the grass and not worrying about making huge tire holes in the ground.

When you’re ready to seriously improve the efficiency of your business by buying a golf cart, give us a call at 478-960-1044.

Four Important Traits to Consider for Landscape Trailers in Macon, GA  Aug 16th, 2016 
So, you want to start a landscaping business? You’ve got your mowers, weed whackers, and all the necessary tools to start your business. But how are you going to get all of that equipment from one site to another? Walking everything around certainly won’t do, and your heavy-duty lawnmowers won’t fit in the back of your truck. You’ll obviously need to buy landscape trailers in Macon, GA to haul all of your equipment. But there are a few factors you need to consider before you go out and purchase one.

How big is the trailer?

The size of the trailer you purchase depends on a few things. First, you need to determine how much equipment you’ll be hauling and how big that equipment is. If you’re just toting a push mower and a few other tools, you clearly don’t need a very big landscape trailer. A small one will do for that kind of work. However, if your business owns a few riding lawn mowers that you use at each site, you’ll want a trailer that can hold that equipment.

While you may need a large trailer to haul everything, you also need to ask yourself if your truck will be able to tow a large trailer. Smaller trucks may not be able to tow the largest landscape trailers in Macon, GA.

What kind of hitch does it have?

This also goes along with the theme of ensuring your truck is compatible with your new potential trailer. Obviously a trailer hitch needs to be able to attach to the back of your truck and not all hitches are created equal. If you’ve got your heart set on a particular trailer but the hitch isn’t compatible with your vehicle, you can have the hitch modified but that’ll end up costing you more money than you originally planned on spending.

Custom built or prefab?

Cost is a big factor when it comes to most people’s decision making. Choosing to custom build your landscaping trailer will be more expensive up front, but it could end up saving you money in the long run since you’ll already have everything you need and you probably won’t need to make any modifications to it. On the other hand, you can buy a prefabricated model and make changes to it as you see fit.

How are the suspension and tires?

While the above factors are all important, choosing which trailer is right for you ultimately comes down to getting what you need. All trailers have different types of tires and different quality of suspension. If you think you’ll be doing a lot of driving off the road with your trailer on the back, you need to buy (or custom build) a trailer that has very durable tires and suspension that can handle going over bumps and ruts in the ground.

If, however, you’ll be staying on the road for the majority of the time, there’s no need to spend extra money on a super sturdy suspension system. After you’ve assessed all of the above factors, give us a call at 478-960-1040 to see how we can accommodate your needs.

Why Invest in a Custom-Made Horse Trailer Macon GA  Aug 16th, 2016 
There are levels when it comes to anything. Off the shelf or standard options are a great option for many people, while top-shelf or high-end options are always available to those willing to pay more or who demand a wide range of features. And, even above the best of the best stock options there’s the possibility for something totally custom. A full-custom product isn’t always an option for most people, but for a few, it’s the perfect solution to unique demands. This couldn’t be more evident than when talking about a horse trailer in Macon, GA. Often, for many people actively transporting horses, an off-the-shelf or even top-tier option isn’t always going to cut it, paving the way for custom prospects.Why might someone need a custom horse trailer in Macon, GA? Let’s explore some of the reasons and why it might be worth your while to go above and beyond to seek a custom option if you’re hauling horses on a regular basis:
  • The number of options and accessories that can come with horse trailers is expansive, which means finding a trailer with all of the features you need at a price point that’s conducive to your budget is going to be hard. A custom trailer design gives you the option to pick and choose the features you need and want, without having to succumb to a higher price point or a model that’s packed with options you don’t need.
  • Hitch design is going to be something that’s hugely important when considering a horse trailer. Having a custom design means being able to pair the ideal hitch with the ideal unit, for something that’s completely encompassing of your needs. No more modified receivers to ensure it’s secure or conversion pieces to ensure stability!
  • How many horses are you hauling? The capacity of many trailers accommodates two or three horses, but finding quality trailers that house more or less than that is going to be a problem sometimes. Custom building a horse trailer in Macon, GA means picking the ideal capacity and building around that. Whether you’ve got a whole team of horses you’re hauling or just one special stallion, having a feature-rich trailer with an ideal capacity is something you can’t pass up.
  • Material is another quality assurance item that many people end up compromising on unless they choose to build custom. Do you want a steel trailer? How about an aluminum trailer? It can be hard to find a trailer that offers you everything you’re looking for, that’s also made with the material you desire, which is why building custom continues to be a great prospect for many people.
At the end of the day, choosing to take the custom route is all about knowing what you want and making the choice to get it. Something like a horse trailer in Macon, GA is relied upon frequently by ranchers and riders, which means it’s in your best interest to sink the money into a custom build. The better performance, longevity and specific needs a custom trailer addresses are all going to be worth it in the end.  
Custom Fabricated Horse Trailers in Macon, GA!   Aug 16th, 2016 
Hauling horses is a daily occurrence for many people, which means a high quality equine trailer is a must-have. Making the investment in horse trailers in Macon, GA isn’t something you should do lightly, however—there are numerous brands, models and features that need to be taken into consideration. In fact, when it comes to finding the ideal equine trailer, you might never actually locate one that’s perfect for every facet of your needs! It might sound like a dim prospect, but it actually opens the door for a very unique and interesting prospect for many ranchers and riders: a custom-built trailer that meets your unique and specific needs. When it comes to building and fabricating horse trailers in Macon, GA, there’s no better name in  the business than Macon Custom Trailers And Golf Carts! Take a look at just a few of the  reasons so many people come to us for custom trailers and why we’re able to satisfy their  demands to the fullest:
  • We have been building Horse Trailers since 1992! As a result, we understand the nuances and unique facets that go into constructing a custom trailer and we understand the dynamics of conceptualizing a design and bringing it to fruition.
  • We build about 5 trailers a week, which goes to show the expeditious nature and seasoned expertise we bring to the table. We know what we’re doing and we get to work doing it. In fact, it usually only takes us about 8 weeks total to go from design to full build!
  • When you get a trailer from us, you’re getting something that’s of a supreme quality. Each frame is 100% welded aluminum tubing—we make it a point to not use steel frame anywhere in the construction! This ensures better longevity overall.
  • The price of one of our trailers is thousands less than buying a pricier big-name brand option. We give you the quality and reliability of a hometown company, without the inflated cost of a national name.
  • We build both bumper pull and gooseneck trailers, giving you access to the option that’s ideal for your vehicle.
  • Looking for a complete build, including a finished interior? We can finish the inside in a white aluminum skin, then fully insulate. After that, we can install air conditioning, electrical packages, carpeted areas, fans in the horse area, etc.
  • We aim to be available 7 days a week to serve you! This means someone is here to answer your questions, help you with your needs and help you with your design.
Interested in learning more about how we can construct a custom horse trailer in Macon, GA for you? Get in touch with us today! Or, if you’re not quite ready to explore a custom design yet, talk to us about USA brand aluminum horse trailers—they’re a great bargain for the price you pay! Either way, we’re interested in getting you set up with a trailer that meets any and all of your equine needs.  
Five Benefits of Hauling with a Quality Utility Trailer in Macon, GA  Jun 22nd, 2016 
Utility trailers, which are great for personal or small business use, are non-motorized hauling devices that hook up to your vehicle’s trailer hitch—like a pickup truck, SUV, all-terrain golf cart, UTV or tractor. Does this sound like something you can use? Here are five benefits of using a quality utility trailer in Macon, GA for hauling:
  • Great for yard equipment: As a homeowner, you won’t have to make multiple trips back and forth to the shed to get one yard tool at a time. For your landscaping business, your crew will have everything they need on hand. For property owners and landscape business owners alike, a heavy-duty trailer hooked up to a truck or a UTV is the perfect thing for hauling lawn and yard equipment. From easy loading of big equipment—like lawn mowers—to organizing smaller tools—shovels, clippers, a weed whacker and leaf blowers—a trailer is convenient and takes the physical strain off your shoulders.
  • Move furniture: Loading furniture into the bed of a pickup truck can be difficult, even dangerous, and driving a packed truck down the freeway is worrisome to say the least. But there is another option. An open-air utility trailer in Macon, GA is great for moving all sorts of furniture, especially tall or odd-shaped pieces. It’s as simple as attaching a trailer equipped with a ramp to your vehicle, getting your furniture on a dolly and pulling it up onto the trailer.
  • Transport recreational vehicles: You wouldn’t ride your ATV, UTV, golf cart or dirt bike on a long journey or the freeway. What you are likely to do is load it onto a trailer to pull it to your riding destination. So when your toys of choice are smaller motor powered vehicles with wheels and steering capabilities, making sure they remain safe during transport is a top priority—purchasing the right utility trailer can help to ensure this.
  • No appliance delivery fees: Household appliances don’t last forever. They break from overuse, malfunction due to defect and stop working simply because of age, which means they will need to be replaced eventually. And since you will end up dropping a pretty penny on new large appliances, you may not be inclined to shell out more money to pay for delivery, or for a company to come pick up your old appliances. Skip delivery and haul away fees with the help of a quality utility trailer.
  • Make debris clean up easier: Without a doubt, after tree trimming or a home renovation, a huge amount of trash and debris will need to be hauled to the dump—and who wants to spend a whole lot of time dealing with the aftermath of a big job? A utility trailer makes cleanup a lot easier by letting you avoid a mess inside your SUV or wrestling with clumsy piles in the bed of your pickup.
If you’re shopping around for a utility trailer in Macon, GA, we invite you to visit the team at Macon Custom Trailers and Golf Carts. We can answer your questions and help you select the best trailer for your needs.
Need an Easy Way to Get Around? Here Are Four Reasons to Check Out All-Terrain Golf Carts in Macon, GA   Jun 22nd, 2016 
These days, golf carts are not just for maneuvering around the links. They are, in fact, a fantastic option for people to get around with little difficulty on terrain that’s not so smooth—like patrolling big private properties, checking out the neighborhood scenery and participating in off-road recreational activities. So if you’ve been searching for a fun way to get out more, then one of these little vehicles may be right for you. Let’s take a closer look at some great reasons for owning all-terrain golf carts in Macon, GA:
  • Make property patrol easier: There’s a lot of legwork involved in the upkeep of multiple acres of land. Next to maintaining landscape, ensuring your safety and protecting livestock and crops take top priority. But how do you effectively patrol your land without spending hours a day walking the perimeter? What if you need to check out an area that’s far back and your truck is too big for the path? Good thing a zippy little golf cart—one built to drive over all types of terrain—can get you from one area to the next, and quickly.
  • Construction site management: Time efficiency and a way to carry bags of blueprints and tools around are just a couple reasons a foreman can benefit from using all-terrain golf carts at Macon, GA construction sites. Also, between inspecting sections of work in progress, resolving problems and fulfilling approval requests from workers spread throughout the job site, managers are always on the move. A cart can get them from point A to point B safely and with little wasted time.
  • Cruise around your neighborhood: You don’t need to live in a huge gated community to cruise around in an all-terrain golf cart. Take your personal golf cart on daily rides when the weather is nice to enjoy the scenery and fresh air. And for group “walks,” they’re perfect for including family members who have a difficult time moving. Do you live in a small town or an all-inclusive community? This has its perks, such as easily accessible shops and markets—jump in your cart and head on down the road to do your weekly shopping.
  • Go on outdoor adventures: You likely never thought of taking a golf cart off the grass or flat pavement. But golf carts fitted with off-road tires can prove most useful on dirt, gravel, mud and scenic trails, and perform well off the beaten path to reach a campsite, fishing spot or hunting grounds. If you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast, consider a lifted adventure golf cart to lessen the chance of sustaining damage to the undercarriage when going over chunks of rock or dropping a tire into a hole.
A golf cart is not just for golfers making their way hole to hole on the golf course—it can also be useful, comfortable and versatile for everyday use. For a selection of new and used all-terrain golf carts in Macon, GA, come visit the team at Macon Custom Trailers and Golf Carts today.

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Except for the much-delayed Giulia, there has been very little coming from Alfa Romeo in terms of new product—and the eight-car plan put forth by Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne a while ago is wilting. So Alfa has to work with what it’s got. Thus the brand has performed a mid-cycle facelift on the Giulietta, the European-market sister […] 
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Nissan shut down one of its smartphone apps this week after an Australian software developer found that Leaf owners were highly vulnerable to data theft and hackers controlling parts of their cars. The NissanConnect EV app, which allows Leaf (and e-NV200) owners to check their electric car’s battery status, analyze their driving habits, and activate […] 
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2016 BMW X1 xDrive28i – Instrumented Test  Feb 26th, 2016 
2016 BMW X1 Tested: Is a FWD-Based Bimmer a Bummer?  Feb 26th, 2016 
We warned you this was coming. After a half century spent in the righteous pursuit of driving excellence—rear-wheel drive, spunky four- and six-cylinder engines, near-50:50 weight distributions—BMW clicked its corporate turn signal to veer off in a dastardly direction. The kidney-grilled, Hofmeister-kinked X1 xDrive28i featured here is the first of a troop of front-drive-based BMWs […] 
Used Cars And Extended Auto Warranties by Delta Auto Protect  Feb 26th, 2016 
When you purchase a used car, it may or may not have time left on the original manufacturer warranty. If the vehicle is already passed the terms of its original warranty, an extended auto warranty may be the best way to provide coverage for your auto 
2016 Infiniti QX60 – First Drive Review  Feb 25th, 2016 
The New Pagani Huayra BC Is $2.5 Million of Insanitude  Feb 25th, 2016 
Pagani hasn’t made a rational car yet, and the Huayra BC does little to change that fact. Adhering to the same “better performance through a cost-is-no-object blend of passion and technology” approach that it applies to all of its creations, the Huayra BC is Pagani’s most powerful road car to date. Lighter and more powerful […] 
The New Pagani Huayra BC Is $2.5 Million of Insanitude  Feb 25th, 2016 
Chevrolet, GMC Trying Again with Silverado and Sierra Hybrid Pickups  Feb 25th, 2016 
Chevrolet, GMC Trying Again with Silverado and Sierra Hybrid Pickups  Feb 25th, 2016 
Back in 2009, General Motors introduced a two-mode hybrid setup on its Silverado/Sierra full-size pickups and related SUVs, but truck buyers showed little interest and the powertrain was dropped with the move to the redesigned, 2014 models. For the new trucks, the 4.3-liter V-6 was supposed to be the high-efficiency offering. Now, GM is making […] 
2016 Infiniti QX60 First Drive: Doing an Admirable Job Filling Its Own Shoes  Feb 25th, 2016 
Ostensibly a luxury brand peddling vehicles with a performance bent, Infiniti has found itself in a tricky place as the market embraces crossovers. Its first such effort, the two-row FX (now dubbed QX70), was brazen, brawny, and butch, and very much in sync with the brand’s stated values. But when time came for Infiniti to […] 
Tech Dive: In-Depth with the New Porsche 718 Boxster’s Turbocharged Flat-Fours  Feb 25th, 2016 
If Porsche’s turbocharged 911 Carrera and 911 Carrera S offend your natural-aspiration sensibilities, we have bad news: The brand’s mid-engine sports cars, the 718 Boxster and the upcoming 718 Cayman, are going turbo, too. Now for the good news. As we found to be the case in the turbocharged 911 Carrera, the Boxster’s transition to […] 
APCO Acquires Automotive Development Group  Feb 25th, 2016 
The acquisition brings together two firms that have been connected since 1992, with ADG serving as APCO’s largest independent agency for seven of those years, including the last two. 
2015 a Record Year for Used-Vehicle Market, Edmunds Reports  Feb 25th, 2016 
Automotive dealers sold 38.3 million used vehicles in 2015, the highest single-year total since 2007. And they did so despite the price of an average used car rising 4.6% to $18,600. 
Nissan Shuts Down Hackable Leaf EV App, Computerworld Reports  Feb 25th, 2016 
The media outlet reported today that Nissan has disabled its NissanConnect EV app after an Australian researcher discovered a flaw that could allow hackers to remotely access a Leaf's temperature controls and driving records. 
These Fan-Made 2020 Ford Bronco Renderings Are Perfect  Feb 25th, 2016 
We are all rabid for a new, sixth-generation Ford Bronco. Rumor has it Ford is planning to build one by 2020. The automaker has been trolling Bronco fans for awhile now with teasers and winking hints. And whether you’re a fan of the upright 1960s original or the early-’90s version of O.J. Simpson fame, you’re probably […] 
Indian Automaker Tata Forced to Rename Car Due to Zika Virus  Feb 25th, 2016 
Marketing departments often spend many months and millions of dollars coming up with names for new models, and then fate steps in with some unwanted context. While we don’t imagine that Indian carmaker Tata spent too many crore of rupees over the decision to call its new small hatchback the Zica, it was quickly overtaken […] 
2017 Lotus Evora Sport 410: Add Lightness—and Stripes  Feb 25th, 2016 
One year after Lotus debuted the revamped Evora 400 just before the 2015 Geneva auto show, the company has announced a new, limited-run variant, the Evora 410, on the eve of this year’s Geneva event. And like the Evora 400, the 410 is promised to cross the pond for sale in North America. The “410” […] 
2017 Lotus Evora Sport 410: Add Lightness—and Stripes  Feb 25th, 2016 
The Over $50K Club: The Most Expensive Pickup Trucks You Can Buy  Feb 25th, 2016 
You can get a lot of truck for $30K, but you can get a lot more of a lot more for more than $50K. 
2017 Porsche 718 Boxster / Boxster S First Ride: Excellence, Blown  Feb 25th, 2016 
Having escaped Michigan in February for the south of France to sample the 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster convertible, we arrive to find one of our two expectations for the trip dashed. It’s drizzling and 50 degrees at Michelin’s test track on the outskirts of Marseille, where we’ve gathered to experience some early prototypes of the […] 
Full Test: The Range Rover Td6 Is the Toniest Diesel Rig in America  Feb 24th, 2016 
Despite advancements in technology and manufacturing, the soul of the iconic Range Rover has changed little over the decades. It’s still the ultimate symbol of go-anywhere, do-anything luxury, even as the new 2017 Bentley Bentayga has the same mission. Yet, despite being outwardly much the same for 2016, a significant update can now be found […] 
Ford F-150, Transit Recalled for Seat Belts, Airbag Sensors  Feb 24th, 2016 
  Ford is recalling 51,884 pickups and vans for seat belts and airbags, the company recently announced. Certain 2016 F-150 pickups have faulty passenger-airbag sensors that can deactivate the frontal airbag by classifying a seated adult as a child. The problem has only been found in the optional multi-contour seat, and only when the massage […] 
2017 Porsche 718 Boxster / Boxster S – First Ride  Feb 24th, 2016 
2016 Land Rover Range Rover Td6 Diesel – Instrumented Test  Feb 24th, 2016 
2016 Honda Civic Recalled for Engine Failure, Fires  Feb 24th, 2016 
After news broke early this month that Honda put a stop-sale on certain 2016 Civic sedans, the company is recalling 42,000 of them for potential engine failure. The 2016 Civic with the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine has a piston pin retaining ring that may have been installed in the wrong position, or it could be missing entirely, […] 
Problems With In-Vehicle Tech Rising, J.D. Power Reports  Feb 24th, 2016 
The firm's annual U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study shows that issues with infotainment, navigation and in-vehicle communication systems have led to a drop in consumer perception of vehicle dependability. 
2017 McLaren 570GT: Laid-Back and Luxurious  Feb 24th, 2016 
Here’s one we definitely saw coming. We’ve been telling you that McLaren was planning to launch a grand touring model within its Sports Series lineup since before we knew that the Sports Series name was even a thing, and now McLaren has finally confirmed the GT’s imminent arrival. The 570GT is set to serve as […] 
2017 Audi S4 Avant Debuts  Feb 24th, 2016 
Automakers Find Three Root Causes for Defective Takata Airbags  Feb 24th, 2016 
Automakers plagued by the Takata airbag recalls have found three specific root causes for some of the inflator ruptures, according to preliminary results from a study coming in the next few weeks. Phase-stabilized ammonium nitrate without a moisture-absorbing desiccant is but one factor, according to the Independent Testing Coalition, a group of 10 automakers formed […] 
2017 McLaren 570GT Revealed! – Official Photos and Info  Feb 24th, 2016 
Look on in Envy: New Audi S4 Avant  Feb 24th, 2016 
After unveiling the new S4 sedan—based on the redesigned, 2017 A4—at the Frankfurt auto show last fall, Audi has now seen fit to unwrap its wagon companion, the S4 Avant. Unfortunately, as Americans, we can only look on in envy. The wagon’s new mechanicals mirror those of the sedan. The S4 goes turbo, with a […] 
IT Professional to Present Five Technology Musts to Drive Sales  Feb 24th, 2016 
Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and a workshop at the 2016 NADA Conference and Expo in Las Vegas will show dealers how to adapt for maximum profitability. 
Ford Motor Credit Piloting Ride-Sharing Lease Program  Feb 24th, 2016 
New pilot lease program will allow a group of three to six people to lease a Ford Vehicle, they'll use an app to schedule drive times, make payments and keep up with vehicle maintenance. 
2016 Auto Remarketing Canada Conference Heads to Toronto  Feb 24th, 2016 
Scheduled for April 4-5 
Redesigned 2017 Kia Sportage Starts Under $24,000  Feb 23rd, 2016 
Compared to the 2016 Kia Sportage, a handsome compact crossover that started at $23,045, the new 2017 Kia Sportage puts on a funky Peugeot mask and costs $840 more. Look deeper for the inner beauty, though, and you’ll find reason to upgrade. A base 2017 front-wheel-drive Sportage LX now makes chrome window trim, automatic headlamps, […] 
2016 Infiniti QX60 Priced Under $44,000, Hybrid Not Dead After All  Feb 23rd, 2016 
Infiniti’s three-row QX60, which packs Nissan Pathfinder bones underneath a more-tailored suit, continues with minor of changes for 2016. It starts at $43,595 with front-wheel drive, or $200 more than 2015. The same standard features and trim levels join a few cosmetic tweaks. The QX60 borrows a shifter from the Q60 coupe, bolts on new bumpers and wheel designs, […] 
C Insanity: Brabus Tunes Mercedes-AMG C63 S to 650 Horsepower  Feb 23rd, 2016 
The Teutonic technicians at Brabus have put their hands on the latest Mercedes-AMG C63 S, and the results are just as you would expect: more power, more carbon fiber, and, well, more of the fanatical attention to detail that the brand built its reputation on. Brabus didn’t stray far from its proven methods with this […] 
C Insanity: Brabus Tunes Mercedes-AMG C63 S to 650 Horsepower  Feb 23rd, 2016 
Fully Loaded: $245K Range Rover Holland and Holland Edition Coming to U.S.  Feb 23rd, 2016 
Better warn the bellhop you’re packing heavy if you pull up with this green Range Rover. It’s fully loaded alright, with storage for two handcrafted English rifles in the boot. After a year on the Continent hunting driven birds and the like, the Range Rover Holland & Holland Edition is making its way to America […] 
Fully Loaded: $245K Range Rover Holland and Holland Edition Coming to U.S.  Feb 23rd, 2016 
2017 Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe: The Bridge Between C300 and C63 – Official Photos and Info  Feb 23rd, 2016 
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